Responses By Minister Çavuşoğlu And Minister Koenders To A Question Posed By Nos On Alleged Turkish Interference With Dutch Affairs (29 August 2016, 10:30 Hours)

Lahey Büyükelçiliği 29.08.2016

Question by NOS: We are seeing agitation in the Netherlands, in the Dutch government, in the Dutch public about the interference coming from Ankara into Dutch affairs, into Dutch-Turkish community. What guarantees did you get today from Minister Çavuşoğlu that this interference will stop?

Koenders: First of all thank you very much for that question. Maybe also good for the Turkish public. Obviously, the Turkish community also in the Netherlands is very engaged with what is happening here in Turkey. And of course, there are a lot of emotions and sensitivities around it. I think it is extremely important to realize that. And what is important for us really is that the issues in Turkey are not exported as such into Dutch society. Therefore, it was important to discuss that this morning. And I think that is the crucial point that we agree that should not be the case. There should not be an exportation of an issue here to there. We understand the emotions. But there is no interference and there should be no interference of what happens here into the Netherlands. There should be a peaceful accommodation of the groups in the Netherlands to deal with emotions that go along with this. Thank you.

Çavuşoğlu: I would like to thank Bert Koenders. It is out of the question that we would interfere with Dutch domestic affairs. This is not true anyway. We reject such unjustified accusations. But it is not interference when the Turkish people in the Netherlands are affected and react to what happens in Turkey. This is only natural. You cannot prevent that. Of course, if something outside the boundaries of law happens, that is something else entirely. Nobody should be acting outside the boundaries of law. Now when the Netherlands or any other country tries to give Turkey a lesson on democracy or rule of law in relation to what is happening in our country that is not considered to be an interference with Turkish domestic affairs. But when we express our opinion about the Turkish community living in Europe, then it is considered as interference in domestic affairs. This is a ridiculous mentality. This is a double standard. Therefore, I believe the best method is the cooperation and the dialogue between Turkey and the Netherlands. This way we can solve the problems much easier.


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