Nato Spokesperson's Statement On Turkey

Lahey Büyükelçiliği 10.08.2016

In view of speculative press reports regarding
NATO's stance regarding the failed coup in Turkey and Turkey’s NATO membership,
let me stress NATO's very clear position.

Turkey is a valued Ally, making substantial contributions
to NATO's joint efforts. Turkey takes full part in the Alliance’s
consensus-based decisions as we confront the biggest security challenges in a
generation. Turkey’s NATO membership is not in question. Our Alliance is
committed to collective defence and founded on the principles of democracy,
individual liberty, human rights and the rule of law. NATO counts on the
continued contributions of Turkey and Turkey can count on the solidarity and
support of NATO.

The NATO Secretary General spoke to the
Turkish Foreign Minister on the night of the attempted coup and later with
President Erdogan, strongly condemning the attempted coup and reiterating full
support for Turkey’s democratic institutions. He expressed support for the
elected government of Turkey and respect for the courage of the Turkish people.
He also conveyed his condolences for those who had lost their lives during the
coup attempt."

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